Why students GO for GMAT exam? Should You?

Internationally known and valued by over six thousand programmes around the world, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the most extensively and hugely used test for management and business school admissions.

Not just an English or maths test. The GMAT is a test of your complete reasoning and critical thinking skills. It measures how well you evaluate and analyse information through a series of issues and problems. You can take GMAT coaching in Thane and ensure that you nail it for sure. indeed, you can get the best scores if you have the right guidance.

Why this test matters?

The GMAT test has been shown to be a valid and effective predictor of academic performance in MBA and other types of business masters programmes. It caters a uniform gauge of academic skills for admissions professionals, who should definitely choose students from a huge range of academic programmes and undergraduate majors international, as well as variable levels of professional experience.

What is the format of the GMAT?

The GMAT® is formed up of four separately timed sections and is administered wholly on a computer at a GMAT approved test centre. The test takes up about four hours to complete, encompassing the optional breaks. The four sections of the exam are:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): one thirty -minute essay.
  • Integrated Reasoning: having twelve questions over thirty minutes.
  • Quantitative Section: thirty-seven multiple-choice questions over seventy-five minutes.
  • Verbal Section: forty-one multiple-choice questions over seventy-five minutes.

What the test measures?

This GMAT measures your analytical and reasoning capability in the zones of writing, reading, and even that of quantitative areas. The Verbal Section encompass reading comprehension and even that of critical reasoning. This tests how well you understand and evaluate written English, and that of sentence correction, that asks how you finest express an idea.

For the Quantitative segment, you require to understand fundamental arithmetic, elementary algebra, and even that of commonly known geometry concepts. Calculators are not at all allowed, so all the problems have to be solved with the note board and that of marker provided.

Prep for the test

You can do amazing prep for this test if you are ready with all this information. You just have to keep the following things to follow:

  • Make a schedule that you would follow every day. Once schedule is there, you would stay intact in your prep.
  • Use different practice and sample papers to solve. The more you would solve the papers, the better you would understand the patterns and overall impact of the questions. you would also get to work on your stamina this way. questions in the paper would give you an idea about where you lack and which are your strong points.
  • Also, make sure that you take professional guidance of professionals in coaching if needed. They would clear your doubts and keep you equipped with best outcomes.


So, you can take up GMAT coaching in Thane and ensure that you are going to take this test and ace it for sure. this test would get you the preferred colleges and universities abroad for your future studies.

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