Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them

Just like women, men also keep secrets to themselves especially about what they are thinking, and more often than not wish women knew what they are. What normally happens is when a man tries to open up to women, they take over, and soon the conversation is focused on them. Since men don’t want women to feel that they are competing with communicating, they simply stop talking. Men are not biologically designed to have the capacity of processing through feelings. They have a shield around their heart to keep them from being hurt and they will only open up to women only when they think they are understood without being agreeable. If women will only help them out by listening to them, then they will seek them out more.

It’s not really that difficult to understand men. Things I wish i knew In fact, men and women think the same way. Men just process their feelings differently because they are not in touch with their emotional side which sometimes makes it difficult for women to understand. Here are some of the things men wish women knew about them:

1. Men are also vulnerable – They may act invincible but they also get hurt and insecure. Men want women to trust and believe in them.

2. Appearance matters – Men want their partner’s to always look good and attractive. They want women to take care of themselves.

3. Men also want to be praised – They make efforts to look desirable and attractive and they also want to be complimented for it. They also want to be praised that they are good boyfriends/husbands or son/father. It’s a boost to their manly confidence and recognizing their efforts makes them feel appreciated and reliable.

4. Men don’t want women to change them – They want women to accept them for who they are, especially their flaws.

5. Men want more sex but they are not addicted to them. They just want to be desired, wanted and loved.

6. Men may never admit it but they also cry.

7. Men needs space once in a while and they want women to understand that.

8. They want romance too. They just don’t know how to do it.

9. Men are visual beings – When men see attractive women, they can’t help but look at them. It is up to them, however, to control their urges or dwell on what they saw.

10. Men lie to make women feel good.

11. It makes them happy when women cook for them.

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