Teaching Dog Obedience in 3 Easy Steps

Teaching dog obedience is not an easy task and requires a lot of patience and consistency. It is recommended to start as soon as you bring the puppy home as the older the dog gets the harder it is to train him. Having an obedient pet is a pleasure and benefits both sides. Because you are confident in his behavior and trust that he won’t do anything undesired you give your dog more freedom and as a result he enjoys his life more than if he would be confined to one place all the time. In this article I will mention 3 most important things you need to know when teaching your dog obedience.

Teaching Dog Obedience Part 1 – Be An Alpha Male

You need to understand that dogs are naturally pack animals and will look for the new boss as soon as they join your family. If your pet thinks that you don’t really make a good leader he will instinctively feel obliged to take over the alpha male role in order to protect his pack. How to teach dog to roll over Although it all sounds very noble it looks different in real life. Dogs that position themselves at the top of the hierarchy are often aggressive and may become uncontrollable.

That is why during teaching dog obedience you need to show dominance over your pet right from the very beginning. This can be done by being firm and consistent, feeding him after you had your meal and a few other simple techniques such as copying the behavior of your pup’s mother. For example roll your dog onto his back and keep him in this position until he stops wriggling. Do it once in a while and with no apparent reason. This is a strong signal that you’re the boss.

Teaching Dog Obedience Part 2 – Don’t Use Punishment

Majority of the negative reinforcement training methods have been proven less effective than the positive ones. Screaming or hitting your dog doesn’t make much sense as he will only get more stressed and confused as to what you expect of him. Instead, it is advisable to simply ignore the bad behavior and focus on rewarding what’s positive and desired. By praising your dog and giving him tasty treats you’ll be able to raise a relaxed and friendly pet instead of a fearful and unstable animal.

Teaching Dog Obedience Part 3 – Sign Him Up For An Obedience Class

If you’re having difficulties with teaching dog obedience it may be a good idea to turn for help to professional dog trainer. By attending obedience classes you’ll be able to teach your dog basic commands, strengthen the relationship you have with your pet and raise your position in the hierarchy (you will cover various methods to show dominance). They will also provide you with basic knowledge about the psychological aspect of dog training and teach how to communicate with your pet effectively. Being able to understand dog body language makes obedience training so much faster as you can react to your pup’s signals more accurately.

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