How to Teach Your Dog to Stay

Learning how to teach your dog to” Stay” is possibly one of the most important commands for your dog to learn. The stay is the basis for many other useful commands and tricks but more importantly the stay command is important for safety reasons. Before you begin teaching your dogs the stay command you may want to have him master the sit and down commands first. It is easier to be specific about the stay command if your dog is in the sit or stay position first.

To teach your dog to stay first have him sit or lie down. Have your training treats in your hand and make sure the dog is aware you have treats. Don’t give him a treat for sitting or lying down. Instead, after you dogs has assumed the sit or down position on your command, put your hand up in a palm forward position and say “stay” in a firm voice while backing away one step. Copper kettle┬áIf your dog stays in position, immediately step forward and say “good stay” and give a treat. If your dog doesn’t stay in position, start over and return him to a sit or down position, hold your hand up in a stop signal while saying stay firmly and backing away one step.

In the beginning, when learning how to teach your dog to stay, it’s important to not try to step away too far. Just start with one step and if your dog stays immediately step forward, praise and treat. It’s O.K if your dog breaks position when being treated to begin with but eventually you will want him to stay in the sit or down position until you release him.

As your dog begins to get the hang of what you are asking of him, slowly increase the distance you back away from him while asking him to stay. As he becomes increasingly dependable in the stay command you will want to increase the distractions by taking him to the park to practice or enlisting family members to act as distractions. Also when learning how to teach your dog to stay, you will want to practice having your dog stay when he cannot see you. To start with you can just step around a corner in the house out of site and slowly increase the distance and time you expect you dog to maintain the stay position.

The stay command is a little more difficult than some commands because you dog naturally want to be with you and it is going against his nature to stay and watch you leave. For safety reasons though stay is a vital command for your pet to learn. In the beginning you will want your dog on a leash when practicing but eventually you’ll want to practice off lead. Make sure you are in a safe enclosed space such as a fenced yard when starting off leash training in how to teach your dog to stay.

The important thing in learning how to teach your dog to say or any other dog training is to remember your pet is just a dog with a short attention span and be patient. Expect training to take repetition and practice and just enjoy spending time with your pet. Keep you training session’s short and fun, stop if you get frustrated and before you know it you’ll have a trained dog.

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