How to Plan a Spiderman Birthday Party Theme

Birthday parties can be fun, but also a lot of work. If your son is begging for a spiderman birthday theme, here are some ideas to use for decorations and more.

Since Spiderman is so popular, you shouldn’t have any problem finding items featuring this favorite superhero. Although just in case, here’s the checklist you’ll want to use:

– Spiderman Cake

Pretty easy to buy from the store, or even make at home. Purchase a small toy to place on the top or even a small playset. It can double as a gift!

– Ice Cream & Treats

Ice cream is pretty basic. But if you are looking for additional treats, you may want to look for the ice cream which looks like Spiderman’s head. Spiderman They will most likely be sold at your local grocery store.

– Plastic Forks and Spoons

Easy to forget sometimes, so we have to put it on the list. Purchase red and black to keep with the theme, if you don’t already have some stored from last year.

– Plates and Napkins

As mentioned, it shouldn’t be hard to find plates and napkins which feature Spiderman. If you can’t find any, use red and black instead so you will at least keep with the colors.

– Decorations

This would include party hats (if they are still young enough), streamers, table cloth, and balloons. Buy Spiderman specific where possible, or else buy red and black. Silly string can also make fun decoration for a Spiderman party, and your kid will have a blast putting it up!

– Invitations

If you son will be inviting friends, you’ll want to have invitations ready. This will be probably the easiest item to find which will feature Spiderman. Check online if you can’t find any in the store. If all else fails, have your child make their own.

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